Digitally Digital


I made this about 2-3years ago, It was when I was just starting to learn how to use a digital painting software. I am not exactly good at painting, neither at coloring, to be honest; I learned coloring digitally even before I learned to do it the traditional way. My usual artworks are all charcoal and lead pencil. I never had formal schooling or training, I learned everything on my own by checking tutorials online, studying the tools in the software and chatting with some people who knows better.


This is among those that I first created that gave me a sense of self fulfilment. At first, It was quite hard, well, nothing’s easy. One of the things, for me, that is hard to achieve digitally is the creation of a water effect. When I say creating it, I mean by solely coming up with water by painting and combining the tools and filter effects in the software, everything is raw, sometimes you can also do water effects by extracting the water image from a picture and incorporating it to your own image, making some critical adjustments and all, which is of course, still very creative.  Anyway, moving forward, I had to do not only 2 trials, I think I came up with almost 10 combinations of filter effects, brush strokes, gray and white shades like my pallet was filled out with gray, white and black colors which is commonly used for painting water, some uses shades of light blue, well it would depend on the rest of the element in the picture, since I made water against a night sky, then most likely I had to use gray and white shades. Looking at this picture would make a pro in his or her perspective, think it isn’t as flawless as it can be and I agree, but thinking that I made this when I was just starting with the software makes me feel I have accomplished something as an amateur.

The characters were all products of my imagination, I thought of making an extra-terrestrial-looking animal, turned out to look like a bunny tho. Looking at the girl in this picture made me think I was not able to coordinate the folds, dimensions and shapes of the stipe print on the jacket to make it more in accordance with the position the girl has. Prints on clothes would largely contribute to the kind of action you’re trying to convey and should of course vary in shape, shade and dimension depending on how you wanted to make the image look like. I’ve seen a lot of artist on the website (which is a website referred to me by someone I know so I can learn more about digital arts) that has a wide range of expertise on this field, they can perfectly portray an action being done by the character by merely changing the shades of color and print on the clothes worn.

The idea of a girl sharing an umbrella to an extra-terrestrial looking bunny probably portrays my compassion to animals. I liked dogs, there was once I tried to share an umbrella to a stray dog i ran to, so was the idea. The rainy night is not something I always liked, it gives me a lonely evening impression, the empty street makes it a lot lonelier, I liked the lamp post and the walkway though it looks a bit 3d-ish as compared to the rest of the elements in the picture.

The art definitely portrays a portion of what the artist is, what we think, what we’re trying to achieve, our mood, emotions, ambitions and all kinds of thoughts going on in our head. I only mentioned the phrase portrays a portion of what the artist is, since I am believer of nothing beats a personal encounter. Anyway, I surely will be talking about a lot of my stuff here, there are a lot of things I want to write about the stuffs I made and will probably make.


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