The “New Girl” Craze I

I saw one commercial for this series from a local channel in the Philippines, New Girl. The first episode was completely hilarious that it made wanted to follow through the rest of the upcoming episodes. It was all about this girl named Jess, who just got out of a relationship after finding out his boyfriend’s been cheating on her. She found the need to move in to a new apartment which happen to belong to three young man. The whole idea of stranger-danger was not enough to stop her from living with these guys and as the story continues, it becomes even funnier and the story seem to progress as Jess getting emotionally attached to one of her housemates, Nick who “always wears old man clothes” according to Jess, Nick is also a character portraying a heart-broken guy when six months ago he got dumped by a girl named Caroline (who has a perfect hands that ripped off Nick’s heart of out of his chest,as how Nick described it in the series). Winston appeared in episode two, he was a black guy who played professional basketball and came back in to join the mash up of fun, quite bad tempered but turns out to be a sweet, caring friend. Schimdt on the other hand, acts and speak like a douchebag, he’s obsessive compulsive about cooking, kind of perfectionist and who thinks girls are all into him.


From Left: Coach(episode one) Nick and Schmidt. (photo is a screenshot from episode one). This scene is from a restaurant where Jess had been waiting for her date who intently did not come. They were singing “Time of my Life” from the movie “Dirty Dancing” which Jess had been watching a couple of times a day since she broke up with her boyfriend Spencer. Later on this episode they were sent away by the restaurant crew for the scandalous singing.


This is a picture of their “douchebag jar“. Every time Schmidt makes a remark that is kinda out of him trying to impress a girl contemptibly, he has to drop a dollar in. And its incredibly funny how he delivers his lines.


This is one of the scenes in one of the tv series commercial whereas Jess says; “ I’m goin for a hot farmers daughter..kind of thing…Oh I’m gonna go milk my cows, with my bucket..” this was a screenshot of the event before her first date out since she broke up with Spencer in episode one. The lady in a black dress was Cece, Jess’ model bestfriend. I have this line from Cece that I’m crazy about, its her first time meeting up the guys living with Jess and she said something like “Jess was so far, the best person i ever know, if you let anything happen to her, I’m gonna go back here and crazy murder you..” and the guys were like stunned but Schmidt went on with his douchebag remark again and even took off his shirt (If i remember the scene right).


There are a lot more fun to watch out for on this new series,each episode is about 20minutes or more and i could hardly wait for each new episode to come out on tv or on the internet!



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