All about Them. Some about Us.


Mario, Pepper and Ysai (Filipino nickname for Isabel)

I’ve always believed that Pets are part of the family. Although you dont treat dogs and children equally alike, we often give them the same kind of love we give our kids or family members.

When I was a kid my father has always been the disciplinarian. During my gradeschool years( In the Philippines,ages 6-12: grades level 1-6), beating is part of the discipline for us (Philippine law does not excuse beating as child abuse as long as it is not tormenting physically and emotionally to the child) he uses his hands more often and i personally do not take it as a traumatic childhood experience now that I am an adult. It is one of the ways my father shows Ive been wrong during times scolding does not work, more often than not I must say I am really hard-headed as a child and even as an adult, which I now prefer calling stubbornness. LOL. In relation to this, our dogs aren’t really safe from beating, it was my father’s way of discipline for them as well, as a result, our dogs know how to behave and equally know the time for work and play. Three of these youngest members of our family above aren’t as obedient as the older ones we had, they were more spoiled since my father has became lenient about discipline since it doesnt bring trauma to our pets themselves, It brings trauma to me as an audience while the beating is held. LOL. I was a kid back then, I really didn’t know what beating is for them unlike how i can relate what beating is for my own self. They naturally know what reward vs punishment is just like us humans.

Play is innate to animals just like how it is to humans, our dogs, young as they are, loves it so much. 

He is the father of our dogs, Pepper and Ysai, Of course this is a baby picture. LOL


One of the playful dogs we’ve ever had is Peter. Sad to say he died due to multiple fractures after being hit by a car. (We live right next to a National Highway so cars pass by without speed limit) He likes playing soccer with me, he doesn’t really want to play it rough so he doesnt play with either my brother or cousin. Soccer is our intimate game, we started playing it using a small coconut husk. He kicks it like a ball using both his forefeet and whenever he has to run, that’s the time he use his dog instinct, cheating by biting on the husk. We tried playing using a real ball, he didn’t enjoy it since he really cant take it with him by biting on it. LOL.

Pepper and Ysai’s play are basically simple and common, chasing game. Ysai is too noisy, Pepper is the opposite. They are of the same age and regarded as twin, because technically, we really dont know.

I admire how my parents brought me up along with our dogs, I’ve always believed developing compassion over others, without prejudice to their importance in life, can be attributed to how you were raised. It might be troublesome tho since I can sense I am more compassionate to animals than I am to my own kind. Well, reason is, our own animal instincts. LOL =)



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