New Year’s Eve

Got myself a 5-hour ride back home from work for New Year’s eve. Slept all the way through, happily dozed off the entire time. I managed to set my phone’s alarm clock to an estimated 30minute wake up call before hitting our place. The first thing I try not to miss since I’ve been going back home from where I work now is the moment to catch the arc for the entrance to my small hometown. When I saw the perfectly lit entrance I had nostalgia.


I’ve lived under my parents supervision and care for the past 22years, got a job 300 plus kilometers away from home so I had to live temporarily in my Aunt house and decided to move out and live on my own after about 6 months or so. I was never the independent type when it comes to residence. I do most things on my own but moving out is not something I’ve decided to do until the age of 23. I make it a habit to go back home to visit my parents at least every month or two. I’ve always felt uneasy not being able to see my folks, maybe this is really part of “my growing up” which is never too late.


It’s a brand new year here in the Philippines and I’m just happy I was able to celebrate it with my family. My sister is at another country but when I am home, distance is never an issue. I can live a day not talking to her and just knowing she’s in good shape and somehow happy, this is me in denial that sometimes it just cant be so complete. My ties to my family has always been my happiness, we had a simple meal, I was not included in the planning of New Year’s eve but my father seem to have decided a smoke-free, fire-cracker-free celebration. I slept the hours prior to 2012 since I cant shake the tiredness from my body. My mother woke me up to get a New year’s leap in a hope of adding some inches to my height (which is a tradition, belief whatsoever things we do every new year).


This Year, my license as a Nurse will expire and would have to be renewed. So I’ve decided to myself to go out of the country to get a better grip of my profession. And so i thought, going back home may no longer be just a 5-hour travel I can always manage, it may already be a leisure, not because of money, but because of time even money can’t afford.


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