Frustrated, Sick and Tired. I like my old self, I don’t easily get mad. I have more patience than I do now. I have a huge issue about not getting what I want the first time I asked for it. It was told this year will either be very lucky or very hard for me, I keep shaking the fact that its starting to turn as the latter. The more I blog, the more stressed and frustrated I am and I cant believe how many I have written for this month. I hate to read all that I know writing about is my frustration, But what can I do?If I don’t, I’m afraid I might just project it at something else. Maybe I’ve been spoiled a bit that’s why all I wanted is to get what I want (Hey?Who doesn’t like that?).

Allow me to divert this a little bit away from how I am feeling right now. I was out from our apartment at around 11am today,headed to a local agency for my application abroad. I wasn’t really expecting It’ll turn out good in the first place since I have an idea how the hell things work, but I think I did try to start my day right, I strive not to ride a cab to save expenses from fare and to get myself a bad ass afternoon exercise. I walked up a footbridge, rode a jeepney(one of our local puv’s) and slid myself into an already crowded train that I had to get into so i wont be as late as I already am. I expected it would’nt be easy, I had to ride jeepneys since cabs are lamer than Google Maps. I obviously had to learn my way again and I’m proud that I did well. Then comes the official business which turned out just like how worse you can imagine it. On my way back home I bumped to a young man who struggled to be polite enough to say sorry probably after seeing how my eyebrows met and my diabolic frown. He made a gesture to like usher me through inside the FX, a perhaps, we can call it a colloquial term we are already used to,to pertain to a car model known before, Tamaraw Fx, as a better puv we have even if the car model nowadays isn’t really the same. This kid kept glancing at my direction which I can clearly see from my peripheral view, I am very observant of body language and gestures If I wanted to,I dont want to assume but there’s totally nothing behind me he can possibly be looking at and Hey kid?I might look like your age but I’m old enough to be your sister! And because I’m not comfortable with my peripheral view I decided to….be mean. I walked the remaining way back to the apartment and passed by a group of college kids loitering and heard one of them whispering how cute my DC Shoes is, and at the least, I consider it a compliment to my good taste and that made my day 5% lighter. That’s how bipolar I can be.


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