PRC: Renewal of License and Request for DFA Authentication for Board Rating and Board Certificates Process

Been to PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) today to apply for a renewal of my License as a Registered Nurse and to request for Authenticated copies of my Board Certificate and Board Rating certificate for processing at DFA (“red ribbon” documents). The process is simple but what made it a bit complicated is the fact that there was no “instruction board” which I should have looked for in the first place, but this is because it found nowhere. But here are the steps to breeze through it (basically for Nurses, but process is quite the same for all other licenses). This is the current process as of this time of Post:

1. Go to Public Assistance, (left side as you enter the office compound) Ask for a form for each type of document (License, Board Rating and Board Certificate) if you’re processing those three then you should have 3 kinds of forms on hand. Fill everything out. Make yourself clear about what you intend to accomplish.

   -Requirements would be: 2-4pcs passport size pictures, with complete name as tag, white background. Documents, original copies should be photocopied beforehand.

2. After filling out the forms, have your photocopied documents stamped(metered stamp) at the Customer Service booth (right side as you enter the compound). Estimated cost for the stamp, 20-25php per stamp, one stamp per photocopied document.

3. With the photocopied documents already stamped, go to the Cashier’s office. (PRC Manila- 3rd floor and ground floor). Estimated cost for ordinary processing (usually 2-3 business days) for Authentication of Board Rating and Board Certificates: 75php per document, 200php for each rushed document, I think you’ll get it the same day. For the license renewal, “expedite” is 900php, you can get your license after 3hrs (according to my friend). For renewal of license with regular processing, its gonna take forever! Uhm? about 2-3weeks. LOL. (Unfortunately the “expedite” thing is not available right now but will be hopefully before April 2012 ends, according to PRC). The Board Certificate will not be Authenticated if license is not valid like if its about to expire, since my application is rejected. So I only had my Board Rating accomplished.

This is another step you might have to do if you dont want to pick up your documents and if you want it to be sent to you instead or if you want PRC to send it to DFA instead: You will do to the DFA division in the main building where you would have to pay for “red ribbon” processing dues.

4. For Board Certificates and License renewal, after paying dues, you would have to bring it to Window 17 which is inside the main building. For Fast Lanes of rushed documents: Window 18. For the Board Rating Certificate you would have to bring it to Window K which is outside where all the “alpha windows” are all located. LOL.

All of the documents needed to be processed will be submitted along with their corresponding original copies since its for “Authentication”, Its pretty obvious.

After each due date, you will be getting your documents at the corresponding Releasing window which is always adjacent to the receiving Windows where you submitted the documents. You will have a piece of the form indicated in Step 1 which will serve as a claim stub.

There you go! simple but I had to walk back and forth since I either did not make myself clear when I requested for the forms or the clerks where to pissed off to ask me what I intend to do. Well, anyway I pulled it off for today, will be back after holy week to try again! =)



21 thoughts on “PRC: Renewal of License and Request for DFA Authentication for Board Rating and Board Certificates Process

  1. thank you!! this information will be helping me alot! 🙂 and i do hope that the renewals for the rush licenses wil be as fast as 3hours..hopeful 🙂 and also the board certification

    • Pardon me again for my late reply, as far as my experience is concerned its faster than 3hours. It depends on who does it and maybe what time you came in to have it done. =)

      • Hi. Thank you so much for your post. So the “rush” renewal is back right? I’m currently overseas and I need to renew my prc license within 2 days. I’ll ask a relative to apply it for me and hopefully she can get my card at the end of the day. Looking forward to hearing from you. All the best!

      • I would like to think so. Yes. Unless there are machine glitches or that sort. As usual I’ve been very busy I couldn’t open my blog page so pardon me for the “always late” reply. You’ll need to send your Tita an Authorization letter for that.

  2. very helpful info..what do you mean by “for dfa released on february 13, 2013”? on that day, will i get my red ribbon prc & school documents after paying the authentication fees? pls help..thanks 🙂

  3. Can i renew my license again in manila even if i already did in baguio? Because it will take me 6mos after ill get my license . Thanks

    • Im not sure I got your question. If you have already renewed your license what’s the point of doin it again unless you mean it has already expired. If thats the case, you can always renew your license anywhere regardless where it was last renewed.

  4. hello Ms. Tin can my friend request for me a board certificate and board rating in manila even i took exam in lucena? did the mention certificates be expired? because I request last April 2012 and now I need to have authentication for this on the DFA my question also is can I still use this certificate even one year after releasing? thank a lot

  5. hi there. your blog is very helpful but i have question. I want to request authentication of my PRC License, Certificate and Board Rating. Do I need to show the original copies because I’m here in Abu Dhabi? please help me

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