Pacman Vs Bradley

Woke up late early Sunday morning Philippine time,to do my rest day routine (my laundry) and to watch the most awaited Pacman-Bradley fight. As expected of a champ, without prejudice to race, Pacman did well taking into consideration his age and current weight division. Pacman owned the most part of the fight particularly the first few rounds,begun to slow down towards the end which is also pretty unusual, and so Bradley conquered the last few parts of the fight.

The fight ended with a split decision favoring Bradley over Pacman. The fight – to a common viewer- was rather dominated by Pacquiao so it was upsetting and dissapointing to witness a fighter not losing to his opponent but to the judges. Thus the rumors about the Promoter laying hands on the judges decision, Some Mafia involved, both fighters selling their souls to a billion dollar-rematch and all.

Whatever transpired, its dissapointing that even in Sports, people do not make appropriate objective judgment. Its also upsetting to think of all the negative possibilities that might have happened that brought about the upsetting result. Had it been an equal fight, there’s no reason millions of people,regardless of race would rant about it. What’s even scarier is if its turning out to be all about money.


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