Food for an Atypical Foodie

I have finally decided to publish my drafts that are piling on my list, inspired by one of my closest friend’s big sister.


Cozy ambiance, typical for Japanese restaurants.


I do not know anyone normal who doesn’t like to eat. I do not have a very good background when it comes to food, but I must say I have a pretty good taste and I eat a lot.

Let’s start with the traditional, California maki and the delicioso Philadelphia roll of Octoboy (Tomas Morato). California maki is an “okay” but this Philadelphia roll is one among the best Ive ever tasted. Not as if I’ve already tasted a lot of its kind, but among the best selling sushis of Sumosam, Yakimix, etc etc. It is so far on top of the line. I cant give a very precise detail about it since I generally don’t know what I’m eating. I can only tell you when its good or not. Mystery is always enticing.


Here’s another famous from Octoboy, and I think I forgot to mention, Octoboy is generally a Japanese restaurant famous for its japanese pizza. This is the peppered beef okonomiyaki. It doesnt taste like any food Ive eaten before. I was torn between pizza and viand. Must say I should’ve ordered rice. LOL. Its literally peppery and beefy that is confused by the tinge of sweetness probably brought about by the kernel corn toppings. LOL.


And then the Osakas best selling Okonomiyaki. Intriguing enough? I cant describe how it tastes, I’m not at the level of a food enthusiast, but we ordered best sellers and I can guarantee there’s definitely a reason for it.


On the left is a Shrimp Yakiudon. Noodle dish topped with crispy fried shrimp you can call Tempura unofficially, I never knew how Octoboy wanted to call it anyway. Its a typical udon, the taste is similar to that of other Japanese restaurant’s Udon like Sumosam’s and they are all good like you can eat it all on your own but you are too pre-occupied about tasting all the other menus so you can’t have it all.

I’m definitely going back to Octoboy if I wanted to eat something new, its not even 25% of their menu so I would have to go back not once, not twice. The Price? You can visit the website:


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