Process for Authentication of Documents in the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs


So here’s the process for the Authentication of Legal Documents, currently at the time of post, required for employment or maybe travelling abroad. This process applies for common documents such as, for my case as a Licensed Professional Nurse, PRC Documents, Certificate of Training and Employment. This may also apply for other authentication as the process is somewhat similar to all other documents.Image


FOR PRC Credentials or Documents:

1. You must have a Certified True Copy of the original document processed by PRC (Morayta; 8am to 5pm Manila Time). The common documents required for authentication would be the photocopy of the PRC License, front and back in one page, photocopy of the Certificate of passing a.k.a Board Certificate and the Board Rating Certificate. All of which duly certified by the respective official. Process for this has been discussed on my previous post.

2. Secure a blue form for the request of authentication, (DFA Pasay: main entrance. DFA Megamall: right at the authentication counter, farthest right hall)  Bring the Certified true copy to the Processing and Authentication Counter in DFA (Pasay: Enter a hall right side when facing the cashier). The personnel will duly check the documents for authenticity and completeness (which does not always happen so make sure to check yourself as I’ve been a victim of misspelled names). The Authentication counter will give you a receipt to settle with the cashier, several copies, Cashier gets the last two carbon copies, you get to have the original white copy to use as claim stub and the other blue copy will have to be handed back to the Authentication personnel you’ve been to after being paid and signed/ stamped by the Cashier (DFA Pasay: pretty obvious as its right in front of your line of sight as you enter, DFA Megamall: If I remember it right its at the second door, where the biometrics for passports are taken, where you would also see the Courier: Officially DHL (Thank God for DHL). And then the Authentication personnel will attach the blue copy of receipt and tell you when claiming of said documents will be readily available.


Expedite/ Rushed Documents: 200php per Document, One Business Day. Regular Documents: 100php per Document, Four business days. If I remembered it correctly.


I would greatly suggest that you have your documents sent to you thru DHL instead of you picking it up by going back to the DFA office where you processed it. Courier fee 150php for the first three documents then plus one business day from the original date of document release. Less hassle and the expenses would be somewhat the same if you’ll pick it up. You would’ve to give DHL (people in yellow shirts at the DHL counter) the original copy of your receipt.


PS: DFA Pasay is at Roxas Boulevard. If you pass by the street where the Pasay City Hall is, fixers would tell you DFA Authentication is at the second floor of a red building which is obviously a ploy. Do not talk to strangers. LOL


PROCESS FOR ALL OTHER DOCUMENTS: This applies mostly for Certificate of Employments, Training, etc.

1. Photocopy of the original should be duly notarized by a Lawyer, You would be given a copy of an Affidavit that you swore it is “true to your knowledge” stamped in his office and then it would’ve to be Certified by the Regional Trial Court Judge where the Lawyer who made the Notarization is located at.


So it is the lawyer who Certifies your document and stamps it with the seal of his office, attaches an Affidavit with it then The Judge Certifies that the lawyer you paid is actually credible and a legal member of the NotaryPublic affixes his own signature and another stamp of his office on another piece of paper. So after you get you copy there will be a total of about 3 sheets compiled and to be brought to DFA for Authentication.

For example in my case: I had it Certified by a lawyer in Pasay City Hall: room 203 I believe. So the RTC Judge who signs next is also from Pasay City Hall RTC. I asked an RTC Clerk and she told me you would have to have the document notarized and certified by RTC both at the same City Hall.

Total cost for each document: 150php to 200php per document for a public lawyer’s notary and around 50-70php for the RTC Certification. But that’s not what will be reflected on your receipt. You know Philippines right?


And yes!! the good news is DFA already has a consular office at SM Megamall, 7th Floor of the new Building C. From North its the first Building. From South, obviously the last different looking one. I guess. I’m poor with Geo. Processing in Megamall so far takes only 15mins to 30mins to complete. I was there at around 2pm. So the crowd would also depend on the time. Plus not a lot of people know about it yet.

KUDOS TO DFA Megamall!



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  1. hi!im also a nurse and is already here in asking my sister to process my authentication for you know if dfa requires a letter of authorization from me stating that she is doing this in my behalf?thank you very much!

      • Good Day!

        May I ask for you assistance of what to do If I found my Red ribbon that there’s an error in the the attachment specifically in some dating in my CAV. You said that no loose paper should be accepted if its not in the Ring Eyelet. After I found out the error I immediately ask for the correction of my CAV in our University Registrar then they made a corrected CAV. So May I ask again what to do, since i was outside on our country. Thank you so much. I’m Looking forward to hear it from you.
        Should I also need to issue SPA because it’s my friend who will go back to the DFA authentication Office. Is it ok if My signed SPA was only SCAN copy since of outside the country? Thank you.

      • I am not a staff of DFA. But normally you’ll just have to have it sent back to be done again. DFA doesn’t check anyway that you submitted an identical document. For some reason,documents now needs to be reauthenticated after a couple of years. So same process. I guess.

      • SPA should be stamped from Phil Embassy there before sending it to Phils. The process before only required a simple authorization letter with your original valid id. But due to new updates,i would suggest calling them for the new process if there is.

    • Hi! I have the same concern! My cousin will process it for me, have you had yours processed with the authentication letter? I’m just wondering what king of letter this is and if you have to had ti notarized by a lawyer..

      • As far as I remember, Yes, it would have to be duly notarized. I don’t remember the details yet but the first step is having a hard copy of your Authorization letter allowing somebody to do legal stuff on your behalf. You can also call The office to verify.

      • it depends on your profession. for some profession, it requires the highschool and college diploma. it also depends on the country you are planning to go to.

      • hello.
        tanong ko lang.gano ilang days bago irelease ng dfa yung documents na (finally) red ribboned na???

        and yo you have any ide as to gano katagal bago makuha yung stamp from ched?

      • please read through. the expected days are actually mentioned in this article, it depends how much you paid and what day you actually came in for it. my school documents sent to CHED then CHED to DFA took a week.

  2. Hello po? may itatanong lang po. A nurse friend of mine who had 1 year and 5 months of hospital experience ay pinared-ribbon ng fake na COE sa isang fixer/agent which is 4 years experience from a different hospital last 1st week of March of 2013, kasi kadalasan sa mga requirements ng mga agencies, whether its for a polyclinic or hospital jobs abroad – ay at least 2 years hospital experience. Pinagawa nya lang itong red ribboned fake COE just in case if he’s decided for a hospital job. Later did he knew that there was an agency who accepts applicants with at least 1 year work experience, and buti na lang natanggap sya pagka-3rd week ng March ng agency, which required him to have his documents, particularly his COE red-ribboned. The question is, hindi ba mahahalata ng Manila City Hall and DFA na nagpaprocess sya ng fake COE kung ipa-process na nya ngayon ang genuine COE sa Manila City Hall at DFA? Gusto nya kasing ipaprocess yung genuine COE just in case kung mag-babackground check yung clinic na mag-eemploy sa kanya. Ano ho ba ang dapat nyang gawin? Salamat po.

    • That’s a tough one. I believe I really can’t answer that. Its beyond my knowledge. I can’t give you a fact but I can tell you what my opinion is. Since the legal document is already “Authenticated and Verified by DFA, better not change it. There’s a huge possibility na hindi mahahalata but if DFA systems are computerized with the records, then its a big problem. City Halls doesnt pose a problem since they are really not checking on it. You better tell your friend to consult the current agency about it since they know how to fix stuff like those.

  3. ate, ok lang po ba kung yung coe nyo e for 6months employment lang?kasi yung sakin ganun lang,pwede mo ba siyang i pa red ribbon din?

  4. i am in need of your assistance on how to obtain a non-objection certificate from my ex-husband as i am taking my son from Philippines and stay with me in Kingdom of Bahrain. I can easily get the certificate from him but my question is how and how much time it will take to process the affidavit which needs certified and authenticated by the RTC? can you help and assist me the best thing i can do as i am planning to take my son next month.

    • I dont have any ideas about that matter. But regarding Affidavits, depending on the matter I guess it shouldn’t take a week depending on how busy your City is. I was able to secure an Affidavit in an hour but that’s only an Affidavit for my father to be able to claim my resignation pay.

  5. Hi sir/ mam i just want to us if there is expiration of the redribbon?bcos my documents redribbon year is 2012? Is it valid till dis year 2013? Thanyou

    • i just came from DFA, according to the person i spoke to. There is no expiration of the “red ribboned” documents. But, it depends on what country you are applying. You should ask first the embassy of your country of choice. Should they prefer a newly red ribboned document, you dont need to go to CHED or DEpED anymore, just go to DFA and have it re-filed. Hope this helps 🙂

      • We have a different experience . My husband went to DFA last week to inquire about the expiry dates of ” red ribboned ” documents. Only the red-ribboned PRC certifications were accepted for re-filing . The DFA staff told him that the red-ribboned TOR , diploma and certificates of employment are already expired ( we got them in 2009 ) and that we would have to request for new ones. And this is giving me a big headache. Imagine the trouble I have to go through again ! Why are DFA people not consistent with their answers?

      • I feel sorry for your inconvenience, I had a first hand experience when it comes to processing my own legal documents. But I guess that’s part of the process itself so we have to bear with it. As per DFA telling different stories, that is actually true as some may not be fully aware of their own regulations.

  6. Hello! I am currently here in Qatar and is trying to obtain a nurse license here. The problem is that my PRC license has already expired plus my COE is not yet “RED RIBBONED”.. How could I possibly get it done considering I am now here in Qatar? Please I need your advice. God Bless.

      • Hi, can they just have it scanned? Then ill just print it? Would that be possible?

        Naka handwritten nmn po ung auth letter tpos may id din pong ippresend kaso scanned din since overseas siya? Thanks po.. Planning to go to dfa on monday with scanned auth letter and 3 government ids

  7. pwede rin po ba na sa dfa nlng po ipa-auhenticate ur transcript of records ko instead sa CHED po?

  8. sa rle na pina-authenticate alin un< un ba yung certification that u completed all the subjects in rle or ung summary of rle na may frade sa dulo? or both ang pina authenticate? thanks.

  9. hello,
    I´m currently in Thailand and already send my documents like the authorization of special power of attorney, copy of my degree,passport and diploma. Would like to ask if how long i takes to authenticate my degree my mum will process it from Mindanao?

    • you shouldve sent the original copies as well. they have rushed documents and regular processing classifications. I am only familiar about the process in Metro Manila. based on experience, documents coming from outside Manila takes more days as they would still have to send it to the main office. Im not so sure tho.

  10. my documents were already red ribboned and already used it abroad. but I went back here in the Philippines and stayed for 3 years. now I am applying for abroad again. Are my red ribboned documents still legit? Or do I have to secure another one and did it all over again? Thanks.

  11. Hi Ms. Tin, I’m very stress for my daughter going to Germany because she have no time to do her CFO Training her flight is on May 18, the DFA don’t accept her employment contract for authentication because they said she need to go to Germany Embassy to certify that is a valid contract, she already have a visa, notarized employment contract. You know, our DFA don’t understand what the foreign worker experience for applying that authentication. I’m here working in London that’s why I’m looking to somebody who can help me to complain about this matter. Hope you can help me, Ms. Tin.

  12. Hi there? I’ve been looking for the application form for Authentication online but I couldn’t find any. It would save my authorized representative a lot of time looking through my information if I have it available with me to fill it all up before he goes to DFA OCA for application (By the way I think DFA OCA has transferred to a new location near SM MOA)

    Do you have any extra application form with you that maybe you could share to us? Can we apply for authentication of Diploma and TOR at SM Megamall?

    • As far as I know, Diploma and TORs are all coming from your CHED Regional Office. Then CHED forwards it to DFA. The only thing you need to bring to your regional CHED offices are the Certified True Copies and the Original (for comparison) of your school credentials.

      • Hi. Thanks for your reply! Actually my school has autonomous status from CHED and they told my representative that it only requires certification from our University Registrar and we can go straight to DFA for the red ribbon.

      • that was good to know. so that’s what the other comment was about then. You might’ve been from the University of the Philippines then? since that’s the only school I can think of to have the Autonomous status. Just kiddin though.

  13. Pwede ko rin po b ipa authenticate sa inyo ung training certificate ng ate ko,,galing informatics,,nag train lang po xa ng two weeks,,,,nag enroll xa sa informatics caloocan.

    • Sa DFA kamo? any document can be authenticated as long as it is required. pero pag ibang tao ang magau-authenticate, you need a letter of authorization.

  14. hi..ask ko lng poif ung coe nkdate ng DEC.31,2012 pede prin b xa ipa notarized then ipa red ribbon khit 2013 n ngaun..TNX in advance

  15. hello,
    i just wanna ask, since its my first time na iprocess ang mga documents ko. Actually 2 hospitals po ako ngkaroon ng working expirience, yung 1st is private hospital yun nga lng po 10 mothns ako dun then yung certificate n bnigay po skin is NURSE TRAINEE. Then later on 2nd hospital nman po is Government hospital for 1yr & COE as STAFF yung nkuha ko.
    Just wanna know if both certificates din po yung ipapa-authenticate/red- ribbon ko?thanks!

    • every document you have will help you land a job. so yes you should have them all authenticated. as far as i know, two different documents as long as they fall under the same category can be authenticated as one.

  16. I had my birth certificate and cenomar authenticated at DFA-manila by my mom. She only had my authorization letter (NOT notarized) and a scan of 2 I.Ds (my passport and driver’s license). She didn’t have a problem doing it. I got my documents in here in Europe in about a week after she had it processed.
    My problem is the foreign embassy here needs to verify the authenticated document. And I haven’t heard of that before and I couldn’t find any info on the internet, s to how long it should take. Its been almost 2 weeks since I gave them my documents for verification and they said that they still couldnt reach the person who authenticated my document. I mean what am I supposed to do? It’s just to verify an authenticated documents. I need those documents in 2 weeks tops. Does anybody know anything about this?

  17. Hi Tin! Thanks for this. Very helpful. Im planning to go to Dubai. Do you have idea on the authentication of college diploma and transcript of records? Some of my friends said that it should be certified by the school first then Malacanang then DFA. Is this correct. I did not see in your blog authentication from Malacanang. Thank you!

  18. Hi po..ask ko lang sna kung pwede po bang dhl na lang magpasa nung coe ko for red ribbon?or gya dn ba ng ched tesda at deped na rtc na mag forward nung documents?thanks po.

    • I dont know. DHL only processes the documents themselves if its a document from a Government office like PRC. Since DHL offers that kind of service in PRC. Please ask DHL.

  19. Hi! First time to process DFA authentication po. I have some queries.
    1. Transcript of Records and Diploma that will be authenticated will come from school right? What I mean is, I cant use the TOR and Diploma that I recieved when I graduate?
    2. I read in some blogs that if your school is a State University, your documents doesnt need to go thru CHED, is that true?
    3. In some blogs also, it is being advised that instead of letting the School process your documents, it would be better/faster if you yourself will bring your certified true copies to DFA.
    4. Since your saying that all documents that should be authenticated are certified true copies, can I use the COE that has been given to me by my previous employers?
    5. Also, do I need to submit the original documents for authentication or just photocopy? Para po kasing may nagsasabi na binubutasan daw yun?

    Thanks in advance!

    • 1. A Certified True Copy from your school is sent by your school or by you to CHED. Check school policy for the latter. CHED sends it to DFA.
      2. Number Two question is tricky since I am from a Private school, not a State University. But I cant tell, you can ask CHED as they regulate everybody.
      3. I haven’t heard about schools processing documents like these before since these are very tedious job to be done for free. So I’m not sure. I did mine by myself and that is why I was able to write this.
      4. All documents that did not come from your school that has the power to Certify that it was a True copy needs to be Notarized by a Lawyer then Certified by the RTC Judge attesting that the Lawyer who Notarized the Document is part of their Judiciary or whatsoever.
      5. DFA as far as I know only asks for Certified True Copies or Notarized copies unless its a Birth Certificate. Because yes, that’s why its called a Red-Ribbon, because they literally punch a hole where the red ribbon will go through.

  20. My fiance who works in Abu Dhabi will be applying for Notice of Marriage and Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) in UK Embassy Abu Dhabi to be able to get married here in Philippines. UK Embassy is requiring my passport, attested birth certificate and CENOMAR. Do you know how to authenticate my passport copy? And the birth certificate and cenomar, should it be authenticated in DFA only? Or should it also be authenticated in the embassy? If yes, which embassy, UAE or UK Embassy. This is confusing because we will apply in UK Embassy but in UAE. I hope you know the answer.

  21. gud afternoon po..ask lng po aq ano pwde gawin q. I nid my red ribboned skul credentials pero andito po kc aq sa Dubai. at wala aq maasahan n relative n pwde mgprocess jan.. ano po advise nyo n pwde kong gawin at ano ang mga requirements pra mgprocess. thank you..

  22. Good day! I need my TOR and Diploma to be authenticated and have it red ribbon by CHED and DFA. I do not know where to start. My university has its autonomous status by CHED. Do I still need to go to CHED or I’ll go straight to DFA? How long would it take?? thankyou!

  23. Hi, tanong lang if pwede bng ibng tao ang mag process nung pagnotarize at pag certify sa RTC ng COE? need pa ba ng authorization letter? And kahit sang city hall iprocess yun?

  24. Hi, na red ribboned na po dati yung transcript ko last 2010, kaso need ko sya ipa authenticate sa UAE embassy kasi balak ko po mag dubai by this year 2013. Kaso ng dalhin ko po sa DHL eh expire na daw po red ribbon ko, so nun inquire ko po sa DFA san fernando sabi po s manila lang nag aauthenticAte ng TOR, and need ko daw po bumalik sa school and sa ched then dfa manila parang nabalewAla lang po yung pahla red ribboned dati which is nakkaa frustrate naman po kung ganun nga dapat ko gawin o bka di lNg alam nung napagtanungan ko sa DFA san fernando kasi may nabasa ako sa facebook na napare authenticate nya ang red ribbon nya after complAining na di mahirap mag back to zero sa school, ched dfa kasi matagal naman po tlga.. Ano po ba tama and totoo, back to zero po ba at kukuha ng bago document sa school and Ched or meron re-authentication ng red ribbon using the same document na na red ribbon na dati… At bakit po naeexpire ang red ribbon di naman po cake yun?

  25. hi tin, may idea kba kung napapa re authenticate ang nared ribbon na na TOR? Kasi sabi sa akin dapat daw atleast 1 year ang pagkaredribbon, im hoping na di ko na need bumalik sa school at ched and start the whole process kasi wala naman ako sa pinas. Napapare-authenticate ba ang Dfa red ribbon? Thanks po

      • Sir ask q lng po if nkuha mo kaagad yung pina authenticate mo sa pasay cityhall on thesame day ksi sa manila city hall it takes 3days bago mo mkuha.thanx po

      • I sent it before 10am then got it in the afternoon. After 10 I think you’ll get it the next business day. Im not sure if nagbago na po.

  26. Thanks for the very informative write-up..
    one question though,

    Do i need to bring my original COE in order for the photocopy to be notarized?

  27. hello sir tin ask lng po sana me about authentication ng decision of anulment may fren kc me nahihirapan daw cya dun sa doc nya pinakisuyo lng daw nya sa isang fren nya talaga bng mahirap magpa autenticate ng anulment decision sa dfa ask lng ng pren ko

  28. Hi, just want to inquire if there is expiration of Red Ribboned kasi 2004 pa ako nakapagpa-authenticate. I will use this in applying for Canada. Hope you can help me because I am here in Hongkong kaya medyo hassle pagpaprocess. Kindly send me an idae. Thank you.

  29. hi good day..just want to confirm if i need my NSO BC have its certified True Copy by the NSO itself before sending it to the DFA for authentication/Red ribbon or just the the NSO BC in a yellow form?. thank you so much

  30. hi… i want my TOR and diploma in high school authenticated by ched… but i have a problem with my tor, i studied before in SACI(formerly UDMC) and when i get my transcript they put remarks on it as COPY FOR AMA, because i get a request letter for my school AMA to have my transcript in UDMC… but i did not continue to study in AMA thats why the original transcript is still on my hand… can i go back to UDMC for certified true copies? will they honor or accept it even if they release my transcript for AMA? can i use this TOR for CHED authentication? or should i go to AMA to get another transcript?

  31. Hi. After receiving the authenticated document from Philippine Foreign Affairs we want to send it to UAE embassy for authentication thru DHL. How long it will take? and How much it will cost? Thank you

  32. hi there! I just want to ask kung paano ipaauthenticate yung RLE ko. kapareho lang ba kung paano yung process sa COE? or Kelangan pa ba dumaan sa CHED yun? thanks!

      • Panu yun? I mean do I need to go to my school para kumuha ng RLE ko or sa PRC na? Hindi ba sila ang magdadala sa DFA just like the other PRC documents kung sila yung magcecertify and do I still need it to be notarized kung sa PRC naman ang magcecertify? sorry for my many inquiries. your answer will be much appreciated talaga. thanks!

  33. Another follow up question, in your opinion kelangan ko pa kayang ipacertify ang license ko kung nacertify and nared ribbon na yung mga board cert,cert of rating and passing ko? thanks in advance.

  34. hi po. ask ko lang kahit saan RTC ba pwede ipacertify yung COE? or may certain na RTC lang na pwede like in Manila or Pasay? thanks.

  35. Hi po. I just want to ask po if pwede po ba sa DFA Megamall mag pa Authenticate / Red Ribbon ng documents? if ever, same din po ba yung processing dun like nung sa OLD DFA? pwede din po ba dun ipa DHL nalang yung Authenticated/red ribbon copy para hnd napo babalikan to claim… or pwede po ba hintayin nalang yung authenticated copies?

    Thanks in advance po …

    • DFA Megamall has an even better facilities so yes! and Yes to DHL as well, its very convenient cause its gonna take a day or days for the releasing,depends on your request.

  36. Sa dfa manilA lng b puedeng mag pa red ribbon.? Kc ngpunta ung brother ko s dfa la union pra mag pa red ribbon pero s manila lng dw puede… is that true?

  37. hi po

    Sure po ba na kpg ngwalk in sa DFA pra mgpared ribbon ng TOR at Diploma, 2 working days lng makukuha na kpg pinarush (P200.00)? Thanks

  38. good day! this page is very helpful. may tnong sana me, ung employment contract ko ba s malta pwede ko ipa authenticate dito sa dfa sa ph. kc pnadla skn ng employee ko because d nya alam processing ng papers sa malta on how to verify it and isa pa. sa polo libya pa ang nearest na dfa dun.
    hoping for ur favorable response.

    • I’m not sure about that ma’am sorry. But if we’re gonna think about it, DFA Philippines cannot authenticate documents that are not from here. Siguro honored na yang COE niyo as it is.

  39. Good evening po! Ask ko lng po kung need pa magpared ribbon ng marriage contract kung mag totourist lng kmi sa dubai. Thank u po

  40. Hello po, last feb. 20 ko pa po sana makukuha (released) ung pina red ribbon ko ang kaso po ung binigyan ko ng authorization letter to claim eh maxado pong busy sa work niya, ngaung umuwi po jan ung kapatid ko xa na lang po pinadaldan ko ng authorization letter to claim, ang tanong ko po ibibigay pa po ba nila kahit matagal na po sana ung pagke-claim? Thank you 🙂

  41. hi there, ask q lng po, napanotarize aq ng letter of invitation for my friend abroad, ung original letter po ang ininotariye ng attorney, and sinbi na pumunta aq s kapitolyo para kumuha ng rtc certificate, mabibigyan kya aq ng rtc kung un lang notarized letter n un ang ipapakita q? at un n dn ba ung affidavit?

  42. Good day!~ thank you for this very informational blog. I was able to successfully process my PRC documents with your help. My ‘urgent ‘ concern though was about my School Documents. Went to the University registrar to process my papers. I told them to include my RLE but they handed back the summary of RLE and said that it is not included for CAV. So I proceeded with the process and submitted it to CHED. However I realized that as per requirements, RLE is to be included. My question is, is it possible if I can just directly have my RLE notarized then have it red ribboned by the DFA? or do I need to go back to the University and insist to have my RLE included for CAV and re process everything from the top? 😦 Im a bit confused on what to do. Please help. 😕 THank you very much!~^^

    • As far as I know, all papers considered to be ‘school credentials’ would have to go thru CHED. I dont see any reason why they dont want to issue a certified true copy of the RLE.

  43. Hi! just want to ask if pwede po ba na other person yung mag process ng application for red ribbon? for example can i process the application for red ribbon of my sister?

  44. Hi, Sir Tin! I have my original birth certificate in blue form, do i need to change or request for the yellow form? Tatanggapin ba sa dfa yung blue form NSO BC ko? Thanks.

  45. Hello ms. Tin magpapa authenticate po ako ng school credentials like diploma tor and prc license.. bale andito po ako middle east.. ipapadala ko sa kanya tru dhl.. kelangan po ba nya ng authorization letter ko? At san po sya una pupunta ung friend ko kasi sabi po nya tru agency na lang daw para madali may nabasa po ako na sa ched muna ang unang step then dfa tama po ba? Thanks dear 🙂

  46. hello again Ms. Tin anu po ung CAD na sinasabi na kelangan kunin sa school na pinanggalingan then pwede sya ipaprocess thru DHL? anu anu po need ang ipapa authenticate ko is diploma, tor, license and certificate..thanks a lot out of the country po kasi ako and andito sakin ung mga papers ko. thanks

  47. HEllo tin! ask ko lng po kung pwede ko ba ipa notarized yung Coe ko kahit dito na lng sa Regional trial court? and ayos lng ba pinsan ko mag process ng coe ko sa manila city hall?? thank you!

  48. hello everyone…i’ve seen some unanswered questions on documents for embassy authentication. wanted to help out as this blog has been helpful to me and my husband too. After DFA red ribbon, foreign countries normally require authentication by their embassy here in the Philippines. The embassy of the country you are going to (not where you are now) is the one that needs to authenticate your document. The costs vary depending on the embassy. Tried UAE and Bahrain embassies here and the costs were largely different from each other. All you need to do is bring the red ribboned document and they will attach stamps and sign the red ribbon as authentication.

  49. hi ask ko lang po kung pwede pa po ba ipa red ribbon ung documents ko na last december 2012 ko pa authenticate???kasi worry lang po ako kung kukuha pa po ng new.additional efforts and expenses pa po kasi. Thank you.

    • I did mine as a group. I had several also. But for future use just in case its better for it to be done separately though its financially inconvenient, like in my case there were coes i wanted to remove from my curriculum vitae and its a hassle as they were authenticated as one.

  50. hi tin, want to ask, I was working here in calamba laguna, and I will be authenticating may COE from my previous company which is located also in calamba laguna, is it alright to authenticate the COE to sta. rosa RTC branch?badly need you reply.

  51. Hindi na po tinanggap ng Qatar yung authenticate ng TOR/Diploma ko kasi 2009 authenticate pa sya, Pwede ko po bang ipa-authenticate ulet ung TOR/Diploma? Or kelangn kong kumuha ng bago from school.

  52. Magtatanong lang po, hindi na tinanggap ng Qatar yung TOR/Diploma Authenticate ko (2009). Pwede po bang ipa-authenticate yung the same documents dahil ang kelangn lang nila updated Authenticate from Philippines. thanks

    • I am not sure but i think its “renewable”. Maybe same process or something. I did hear from other people that it has a specific years of validity. Ask to be certain.

  53. Hello maam/sir. Ask ko lang po pano ang pag process to be red ribbon ng RLE SUMMARY, kasi po unlike sa tor and diploma is just needed to be CAV by the school registrar (for me, because I graduated in a state university) how about po sa rle summary? How can be authenticated to be ready for red ribbon? Thank you po and God bless.

  54. Hi. I know this blog is from 1yr ago. I just wan to ask about the COE of my friend. She had it authenticated last 2013, but the duration of work stated “up to present”. She is now in Saudi. She’s concerned if she can still have her COE authenticated again but the date now is fixed, like from jan 2011-jan 2013. Would it be possible in dfa, or they will question it?

  55. hi gud pm..inutusan ako ng friend ko sa saudi to get her certified thru copy prc license, and board certificate here for red ribbon sa DFA. saan ba ako pwede pumunta at ano ang requirements for it. i mean anong steps ang gagawin ko.

    • You need an Authorization letter from her. If the process is still the same, you will also need it to be notarized by a lawyer then youll have to present that letter to claim someone else’s documents. Bring your valid id. But my knowledge is from 2years ago.

  56. Good day.
    I patiently read the whole blog, and learned a lot. But I have questions with my COE. Its already red ribbon. Nakasulat kz dun n 2yrs staff nurse ako pero volunteer lng nmn then un 2nd COE ko nmn pinag-isa na ang employment date (meaning isang company lng un pinagtrabahuhan ko pero two ang employer, direct hired then ginawa akong agency pero isang company un pinagtrabahuhan ko). May problem, magpapared ribbon ulit ako ng COE.
    1. pwede ko n ba hindi include un first COE ko n staff nurse since hindi nmn un totoo?
    2. pede ko nba gamitin un COE ko as direct hired at COE n under agency ako. meron akong two certificates with date and name of company.

  57. Hi. I patiently read the whole blog and I learned a lot. But I still have questions about my COE. I already process my COE two years ago around 2012 in manila city hall. Kasama dun sa red ribbon ng COE ko un experience ko as STAFF NURSE for two years pero trainee lng nmn tlga ako nun. In short fake po un. Second COE ko nmn isang company lng pinagtrabahuhan ko pero ibang employer. DIrect hired po kz ako ng 5mos then nilipat sa agency pero same company un pinagtrabahuhan ko.
    My problem, magpapared ribbon ulit ako.
    1. pwede ko nba hindi isama un first COE ko since fake nmn un?
    2. pwede ko nba ipaghiwalay un COE ko n direct hired at agency (both available un COE ko), genuine COE po ito.
    3. pwede ko dn ba isama ang isa ko pa COE n genuine n dn?
    Natatakot kz ako n baka magkaproblema ako, since nabasa ko n bka computerized n system nten.
    Salamat at nawa matulungan nio ako s mga tanong ko.
    More power.

  58. hi. nagpa-authenticate n po ako ng COE. napansin ko lng n un ngstamp and sign ng CTC ng COE ko at yun gumawa ng affidavit ay magkaiba. same office lng sila. government office po s province ako ngpagawa. valid ba un ipared ribbon? thanks

  59. Hi Tin! Ask ko lang if paano ung prometric exam for nurses kailangan din un ipa-notarize and kailangan din magpa RTC certification?

  60. Ask q lng po mastet.. ano po ba requirments sa pagparedribbon ng nso birthcertificate q at cenomar? At saka ok lang po ba kung wala ung reciept ng cenomar? Naitapon q kc ung reciept nya.
    Pls advise me.. thank you

  61. Hi, tita ko po ang magpprocess sa pinas. HS diploma pinapa red ribbon ko. Pag punta siya ched/deped ano mga requirements ang kailangan niya dalhin? thanks

    • Authorization letter since my last knowledge. But for highschool diploma please check with your region kase yung sakin po CHED ang ngforward ng certified true copy to DFA since Im from a private highschool.

      • good day,, pwede po bang pagkakuha ng authenticated documents from DFA I’ll just go straight to DHL para sila nalang mag magforward ng documents ko sa UAE embassy para sa UAE stamp ng documents? or kailngang pumunta personally? sa UAE embassy ,

      • I dunno about the UAE embassy stamp, they can get it to the embassy pero diko alam kung alam ng embassy anong gagawin nila sa document mo. So kung for stamping pa yan, you need to be there in person.

  62. Hi thanks for your helpful article. I have a question. Regarding TOR and Diploma authentication, yung claim stub ba na ibibigay ng CHED may date of appointment para magprocess ng red ribbon or para mag claim ng authenticated na mismo? I plan to process also COE and NBI sa megamall as this is nearer my current place, kaso yung school records ko sa DFA Manila lang i forward? hindi pa pwede sa Megamall?

    • hi sorry guys for the late reply as I’ve been terribly busy. Anyway for the claim stub, yes sa DFA Manila lang finoforward lahat from CHED and yes Authenticated na yun.

  63. Can I authenticate my papers , nso marriage and birthcertificate even I still don’t have my passport and I’m still waiting to release it? Thank you.

  64. Tanong lang po, pwede n po sa SM MEGAMALL mag pa red-ribboned? Bukod po sa SM MEGAMALL at sa main, meron pa pong ibang branches n pwedeng mag pa red-ribboned? Salamat

  65. Kung sa SM megamall ka mag papa redribboned, kailangan mo paba mag pa appointment, o tumawag sa kanila? Salamat

  66. Good day! I just want to ask kung may expiration ung mga certified true copies? Meron na kc ako kaso 2012 pa xla. D ko na pinursue ung pagpaparedribbon noon kc no need naman pala sa dati kong employer. Now, sa bago ko employer nagrerequire xla. Ask ko lang kung pwede pa mga un. Thank you so much

  67. Hi po. Ask ko pa sana regarding sa affidavit and authorization ng DOCS sa city hall and RTC; dpat po ba separate yung pgpapagawa nung form ng authorization and affidavit ng COE and Prometric exam result? Nalilito po ako eh, yung ginawa ng city hall combined na yung COE at prometric result ko sa isang authorization and affidavit form. Nbyaran ko na po lahat. Di tuloy ako makatulog. Please help po! Salamat!

  68. Hello po!maam/sir.. ask ko lng po kung ano ang requirements na kailangan ng dfa kung ippared ribbon po ung nso birthcertificate ko na need po nmen sa kasal.according po kc sa mga nresearch ko full text copy of bcertificate (NSO and DFA).. pde po bng iapply ito online?Paano po ang ggwin ko?

  69. Hi po. I have a concern and I really need ur reply pls.
    This is regarding my coe. I have 4 coe, and i bring the photocopies to a attorney here in our city to notarised it for red ribbon purposes. They gave me affidavit and I go to rtc for authentication. I payed all the bills needed to be payed. But I noticed that those photocopies of my coe have no stamp and signature of the attorney who gave me the affidavit letter. My question is.. is it okay if I will go to dfa and submit my documents which is affidavit letter,authentication letter from rtc, photocopies of coe without stamp and sign of attorney who issued the affidavit? Does dfa will honor it and process it for red ribbon? Thank u

  70. Good day po.Andito na po kse aq sa Saudi and ngaun lng po ako ni require ng PRC board certification, the one that look like diploma and need din po ipa red ribbon with my PRC License. How can I process it, and can i juat authorize my brother. What are the requirements. Need po ba ipresent ang original prc i.d. kse dala ko po dito. Please help and need ur prompt response.

      • Thanks po sa reply. Pro hindi na po ba hahanapin ng PRC ung mga Original like PRC I.D, certificate of good standing, board rating and cert of passing pag Nag request ng Board Certification den ipapa red ribbon?

    • Good day mam ask ko Lang po kasi mag pag red ribbon ako ng birth certificate ng pamangkin ko ano po need sa DFA original copy po ba or Xerox copy? Thank you

  71. Hi. I got my annulment papers already and i want it to get a red ribbon at the department of foreign affairs,i have went to DHL courier here in tacloban,pero my requirements pala like thw certificate of finality which i have,and the secure specimen signature of the administrator which is in supreme court which i donot have yet. So ask lang po ako if i can go directly to dfa without this requirements,will they put red ribbon on my paper? Salamat po.

  72. Hi, I’m working here in Oman for 7 years now and all my documents are DFA authenticated (Red Ribbon) and actually Oman Ministry of Manpower attested, my question is if I go and work in Qatar, are these authenticated documents (i.e. ToR) still valid? Can I just go to Qatar Embassy/Ministry of Interior directly for attestation using this “the same” documents or should I go first to Philippine Embassy in Muscat to apply for latest authentication (red ribbon)? Can you please make clarification that Red Ribbon documents have 5 years expiration, is this true?

    • Recently they require all documents to be renewed if more than 5years. Based on my sister’s experience whos had hers done 9years ago. Besides all docs with expiration (like licenses) needs to be redone.

  73. Sir / Madam ask ko lang po anong dapat kung gawin dahil nagclosed na po yong school col kung saan ako nag aral ng college pero mayrun po akong diploma at transcript of record na hawak panu ko po iproprocess dahil kailangan ko pong magpared ribbon sir/ madam

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