What a Wish for me is Like…



Being on the Top Class for my three years in College, It’s been a must for us to have the best instructors in school (Well Yes we didn’t had all of them, just most of them tho), Our instructors were practitioners and professors for only God knows how long and are very strict about punctuality and time management, the latter has always been a challenge for me, but punctuality I can safely say it’s its been there since I started schooling as its the only recognition I remember getting in my grade school years. Well yes its on top of some honorable mentions sometimes. LOL. My day at work starts with my arrival routines, I find it hard focus on the first couple of hours on an 8-hour shift If I fail to do some of my daily routines, these routines would at least require 5 to 10 minutes of my shift so its been necessary to go to work at least a little bit early so I don’t waste some productive time at work. I developed a high regard to the value of time, I dunno why, but I’ve been quite obsessive-compulsive about it.




I have always believed that If you conquer one of your fears, you will eventually become a better person and will fear less and will be more likely to take risks in the future. I am not a risk taker, I am a come-what-may, easy-go-lucky type of person, well that’s for the least important things, but for the more valuable part of it, I always consider the probability or failing versus the probability of success before taking the risk, that includes choices in careers, family matters, relationships and things of that level. I believe that making a free fall at a specific height as to that in bungee jumping would free me from my worries in life, I feel like my body will separate from that alter ego that worries about the smallest things other people doesn’t even care about, well If I can pull it out of my body I would’ve done it.


That is how I define peace of mind. Out on top of a mountain, couple of inches beside a cliff on top of a sea, and Yes a trail of Cherry Blossom trees or Fire trees with their leaves falling like its almost time for Autumn while I’m biking across the trail with the wind blowing against my cheek, the smell of nature filled with pinkish or orange-reddish leaves. Those I have seen in movies. Maybe I’m watching too much Korean Series. LOL.



I’m a dog person. Hope the Panda population will grow huge enough to be domesticated so I can also have one for myself. I wonder how many tons of fruits, bamboo and vegetables it can eat as it grows, I wonder if it acts like that of Po in Kung Fu Panda. LOL.



But I am to lazy to grab a book about it since there are tons of words and terms about it that I needed to learn so I can better appreciate what they are talking about. I believe it best fits my curiosity, and so I can always ask WHY and WHAT IS OUT THERE.



I say what’s on my mind about 85% of the time regardless If its good or not. It happens more specifically when I am mad, red with rage and crazily angry (I know those are all the same, I just don’t wanna give the impression I get mad very often but yes again its just the same). I have always believed what people say about People learning the hard way. I see it true everyday, people does it better when given a second shot out of our first failure. The more painful the experience was, the better the person become, strive to become or at least that’s true to most people I’ve seen and known because some I knew just quit and die with it. Constructive Criticisms for me works best when it’s said with a condescending tone, it gives a person the challenge to do better to prove you wrong, at least that I know how most people would take it, as that’s how I actually take it. But then again, some of my friends tell me I’m weird. But I’m looking forward to getting better at it.



And so far. I haven’t gotten a sensible answer.


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