2 thoughts on “Guess this is Goodbye and Hello?

  1. hi, i got to your blog thru google as i was looking for posts regarding life of nurses in ksa. i am actually going there as well and as a first timer, i have no idea what to bring. based on your experience, what are the essentials that i have to bring with me and what are the nice to haves. thank you and i hope you coukd help me. :-$

    • Survival needs, its not easy to eat here for the first few weeks, you might wanna bring canned goods coz you may not be able to go out for the first week. If youre a reader, then books, if youre an internet maniac, your gadget and ways on how to be able to be connected to the internet if in case your location wouldnt have one. Its summer, so its gonna be really hot around here so you gotta bring summer stuff.

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