4 thoughts on “On Planning A Journey to Solitude; Rome

  1. Rome would probably be cold towards the end of the year. I went there November last year and it was already winter time (around probably 12 degrees Celsius during the day). I would suggest you visit mid year if your schedule allows you to. And visit Florence, too (Tuscany, Pisa). It’s so picturesque, it gave me a feeling of walking through a painting. If I remember correctly, t’s 2 hours or so away by train from Rome. I’m sure you will love Rome. It’s touristic & quite lots of Pinoys (surprise, surprise!) but the buildings give that authentic feeling of an old, great civilization that Rome was. 🙂 I’ve heard Venice is really something and I plan to be there someday. Have a nice trip!

    • Oh my Tuscany. Of Course. The color of Amber is all over that place. Thank you. I am definitely hoping its gonna be a summer trip and me in summer dress. Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind. and I’m looking forward to hearing about Venice.

  2. I would ask you to join me on my planned trip to Indie summer of next year – where there is sure to be lots of fire and warmth and a whole country brimming with so much culture it could shock my system.

    But Rome…Rome is a different story.

    PS. Travel as much as you can while you’re still young. There’s just something liberating about travelling, especially on your own.

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