100 Days to a Shot at Happiness



It’s been 630 days of worries, hardwork, tears, hard feelings and sadness.


It’s not at all that bad. I did achieve my goal of becoming a better person by being here. I may have had worsen my bad attitudes, but at least I appreciate the smallest and simplest things I had before I lost all of them temporarily, I learned to put another person’s concern ahead of mine and that’s a sign that I’ve changed. People come and go, there were a lot who went ahead of me, they all seem to be happy escaping from the despair in this place, in this institution. My job is bittersweet, it pays incredibly little compared to the workload, but in reality, people don’t seek for money all the time. Even if one thing pays very little, if it makes people happy, there’s no much reason a lot of people will leave. Afterall, happiness is always the key to saying we all have lived a good life, at least to me, that’s all I need.

100 Days.

I can finally count the days without a sigh. Since this day came, I feel better each time I step into the halls of my workplace. I got this relief I’ve been dying to have. Even if work’s still a messy hell of a place, I find laughing and smiling easier to do than it was compared to when I was counting a lot days more. Finally, I will have another shot at happiness. I may not have professional gratification, but I have self accomplishment, simply by being able to feed myself and others at times. By being able to push others to become better than their old self is enough regardless of the method I used, it’s gratifying enough that even if a lot of people hates me for my ways and my choice of words, I know one day they would realize I am not who I am outside my job. Nobody knows me well anyway, it should not hurt not to be missed when I’m gone.


I’m gonna be fulfilling one of my 2-year old bucket lists: CAMPING!!

Paradiso, La Union. I feel safe getting drunk here. So might as well put up that tent I haven’t bought yet and set off for a night camp.

Paradiso Beach Resort



Paradiso Beach Resort



I am that person who likes going back home after each long journey. The value of time being at home becomes more precious when you’ve been away for a while. I’m excited to wake up at 6 am to my own coffee cup back home, sitting back waiting for sunrise with my 2-years older parents.


Haaaaahh! It’s a long ride back home, but there’s probably nothing I wouldn’t give up for this view.


Home is truly where the Heart is.


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