Wrapping Up A Difficult Year

It’s wrong to be Starting with a cliche about how people say we all go through a roller coaster ride in life,but I couldn’t agree more as 2014 including the year before that has so far been the most difficult year in my life as far as I remember. It’s been a year full of hardships and tears, worse of all, hatred. It’s not fair to say I never had a good time because I did, but that’s maybe once in a month or more and that is far too less for someone putting her heart and soul at her job every second, everyday for 365days and slowly burning from the inside. I have no regrets though, going through the rain made me love summer a lot more. Summer.


Of course, who doesn’t like sand on your feet? It feels as good as a breath of fresh air. Walking barefoot did make me feel a grasp of how it is again to have a peace of mind, to feel free.


Sunset. If there’s a kind of love for the non-living I’d say I’m in love with this one, just like how I love the color of yellow,brown,amber,nude,tan and everything else that makes the world seem cozy and peaceful and yet so full of life.


I’m totally a pyromaniac, this is sunset in my arms, it warms me up from the inside. I don’t know exactly how fire can burn and bring someone back to feeling so alive.




A dose of your parents’ tender loving arms, a good beach, a good company, a good beer and a good cry. So good that even if the sun is high up in the sky, it helps you cover up the tears on your cheeks with raindrops. It helps you bring back your beautiful smile.


Anyone can easily give up anything for a view of redemption. Another shot at living life and becoming once again, carefree. For anyone who finds peace at heart could start a new beginning. I’m thankful to be able to come back home and say I’m ready to do it again.


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