A Letter to My Yet to Be Conceived Child III



A Letter to my Yet-to-be-born Child

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Dear Baby,

I want you to know that mommy is thinking of you right now. This is me at the age of 23 writing to you to let you know how much I love you even before conceiving you. Mommy doesn’t even have a boyfriend or a better-half, yet, at this time. Im not sure either if I can have one In the future, but I want to let you know, that’ll I’ll always do whatever it takes so I can give you life and so you could see how colorful this world is. I want to share my life with you. I want you to know my mom and dad also raised me well and that I wanted so much to impart this good life and make it even better for you. I may not be able to provide you a family and a Dad you can always be with, it’s something I can choose baby but Life wont give you everything you want. Mommy is a very complicated woman, I hope you’ll understand If I’ll never be married to your dad. Don’t worry much my child, I’ll do everything I can to provide you with whatever things that maybe lacking by the time you are born. I’ll make sure your dad will be about 5 feet,8 inches or more in height since mommy is only 5-feet tall, mommy is just quite smart so you might need an intelligent and smarter father, mommy doesn’t look bad, so dad can be whatever he is, a good heart is not only inherited but it can also be learned throughout the years of upbringing, i’ll make sure to raise you well so you can be compassionate to others, so you could have more patience, a lot more than mommy have, strong will and faith in God who created all of us. I will be there for you, from your first mincing steps until the day I lose all my senses.If I wont be gifted with a better-half to be with me for the rest of my life, I pray that he would feel the same way about you and that he become the best father. I Love you now, and will definitely love you more until the day I can finally touch you.