Process for Authentication of Documents in the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs


So here’s the process for the Authentication of Legal Documents, currently at the time of post, required for employment or maybe travelling abroad. This process applies for common documents such as, for my case as a Licensed Professional Nurse, PRC Documents, Certificate of Training and Employment. This may also apply for other authentication as the process is somewhat similar to all other documents.Image


FOR PRC Credentials or Documents:

1. You must have a Certified True Copy of the original document processed by PRC (Morayta; 8am to 5pm Manila Time). The common documents required for authentication would be the photocopy of the PRC License, front and back in one page, photocopy of the Certificate of passing a.k.a Board Certificate and the Board Rating Certificate. All of which duly certified by the respective official. Process for this has been discussed on my previous post.

2. Secure a blue form for the request of authentication, (DFA Pasay: main entrance. DFA Megamall: right at the authentication counter, farthest right hall)  Bring the Certified true copy to the Processing and Authentication Counter in DFA (Pasay: Enter a hall right side when facing the cashier). The personnel will duly check the documents for authenticity and completeness (which does not always happen so make sure to check yourself as I’ve been a victim of misspelled names). The Authentication counter will give you a receipt to settle with the cashier, several copies, Cashier gets the last two carbon copies, you get to have the original white copy to use as claim stub and the other blue copy will have to be handed back to the Authentication personnel you’ve been to after being paid and signed/ stamped by the Cashier (DFA Pasay: pretty obvious as its right in front of your line of sight as you enter, DFA Megamall: If I remember it right its at the second door, where the biometrics for passports are taken, where you would also see the Courier: Officially DHL (Thank God for DHL). And then the Authentication personnel will attach the blue copy of receipt and tell you when claiming of said documents will be readily available.


Expedite/ Rushed Documents: 200php per Document, One Business Day. Regular Documents: 100php per Document, Four business days. If I remembered it correctly.


I would greatly suggest that you have your documents sent to you thru DHL instead of you picking it up by going back to the DFA office where you processed it. Courier fee 150php for the first three documents then plus one business day from the original date of document release. Less hassle and the expenses would be somewhat the same if you’ll pick it up. You would’ve to give DHL (people in yellow shirts at the DHL counter) the original copy of your receipt.


PS: DFA Pasay is at Roxas Boulevard. If you pass by the street where the Pasay City Hall is, fixers would tell you DFA Authentication is at the second floor of a red building which is obviously a ploy. Do not talk to strangers. LOL


PROCESS FOR ALL OTHER DOCUMENTS: This applies mostly for Certificate of Employments, Training, etc.

1. Photocopy of the original should be duly notarized by a Lawyer, You would be given a copy of an Affidavit that you swore it is “true to your knowledge” stamped in his office and then it would’ve to be Certified by the Regional Trial Court Judge where the Lawyer who made the Notarization is located at.


So it is the lawyer who Certifies your document and stamps it with the seal of his office, attaches an Affidavit with it then The Judge Certifies that the lawyer you paid is actually credible and a legal member of the NotaryPublic affixes his own signature and another stamp of his office on another piece of paper. So after you get you copy there will be a total of about 3 sheets compiled and to be brought to DFA for Authentication.

For example in my case: I had it Certified by a lawyer in Pasay City Hall: room 203 I believe. So the RTC Judge who signs next is also from Pasay City Hall RTC. I asked an RTC Clerk and she told me you would have to have the document notarized and certified by RTC both at the same City Hall.

Total cost for each document: 150php to 200php per document for a public lawyer’s notary and around 50-70php for the RTC Certification. But that’s not what will be reflected on your receipt. You know Philippines right?


And yes!! the good news is DFA already has a consular office at SM Megamall, 7th Floor of the new Building C. From North its the first Building. From South, obviously the last different looking one. I guess. I’m poor with Geo. Processing in Megamall so far takes only 15mins to 30mins to complete. I was there at around 2pm. So the crowd would also depend on the time. Plus not a lot of people know about it yet.

KUDOS TO DFA Megamall!