Several Things about Us.

Several Things Men might not notice: There is a huge difference between a girl and a woman. Some of the common things would include:

  1. Some of the pretty women who never forgets they are would seldom go for a goodlooking guy. They would always look forward to somebody who would adore them,provide them assurance that there will never be anyone even prettier than them. There is a worship-factor that makes them want it. Thus, the sometimes ugly boyfriend, but feelings are worries.
  2. Girls of today sure knows how to tell if a man is straight,gay or bisexual. The first clue probably, if they’re always neat, goodlooking, self-conscious and kinda O-C. Women might not notice, they probably have their own already or they were already passive victims of the confused identities.
  3. The Smart bitches would always opt for smarter men. There are higher chances that smart women would have superiority complex and by virtue of looking for a shoulder to lean on, they would go for a man with an even superior superiority complex. Conversation is sometimes what keeps them going, no room for a boring, non-spontaneous talk. Humor might work, but not all the time.
  4. Girls would always love pretty things, surprises, gifts. Its a girl’s nature. Women, would like stability, quality time, bonding and appreciation. One fact probably common to all is nobody hates shopping.
  5. Girls have crushes. Women have likes.
  6. Girls would stive to become a perfect wife someday,tries to learn how to cook,do the laundry and other chores. Women thinks of a job that will cater all the future child-bearing expenses. Women obviously had surpassed the training stage.
  7. Girls might always be drunk during Friday night. Women, no matter how much they wanted to prefers to rest, thinks of the next day of work fast approaching, but when given a chance, can be a party-animal on the lose.
  8. A friend once told me, based on her observations, smaller girls more likely get attracted to taller men. Women, we never noticed if they even care.
  9. Girls would scream out of joy from receiving a stuffed toy. Women might hate it.
  10. Girls seek the popular peers, best of bestfriends, likes the crowd. Women would most likely want to keep in touch with old friends, keeps those they already have, if they will have some more friends in the future,it’ll be because they were meant to become friends, not because they sought for it.
  11. Girls will easily get intimidated by prettier women in a crowd of men. Women are more than used to it.
  12. Each of us has both the Girl and the Woman nature in varying degrees regardless of the age and that this what makes the world go round!

…and there’s more I forgot to mention, or I haven’t observed yet.

I wanna thank my Mom and my sister for the upbringing so I can gradually bring out the woman in me in a not-too-late age of 23!



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